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April 01, 2022 1 min read

My name is Darryl mourning I'm from Danbury Connecticut and I suffer from severe bipolar I also rap and that's the reason write there my purpose to show others that no matter what you can overcome and situation and good things usually last longer than bad things I learned over the years I'm 30 years old I just started taking music seriously it's been my passion since a kid always dream of these moments right hear making memories capturing the ears and attention of Listener's all over and I think rather know I have a great shot it's not about the money it's my drive it's in me I love to make noise lol no really I can't think of anything other that makes sense Im inspired daily with positive feedback and it's really pushes me forward and it's that daily motivation that's keeps me going there where ups and downs but the point is that I over came everything and have been given an opportunity that I wanna fulfill to the fullest I write when I wake up I listen to music before I go to bed no better words to describe me ambitious